Select a template.

Most important first step. The template provides the framework and backbone to your website. At this stage, also tell us what features you want on your website e.g. events management, products store/listing, room booking. 

iphone white

Select your colour scheme.

Get your contents.

If you have an existing website, we can get it from there. Writeups, products, pdfs, images and videos. We will also provide suitable images and videos to boost the appearance of your website.

We develop a prototype.

It's easier this way. We develop the layouts and page designs according to what best suits your contents. We tweak and adjust from here according to your feedback until you are satisfied.


Almost there!

Double check contents, test functionality. If all ok, we implement. That's it!

We always advise to get the website up and running as soon as you can. Google needs time to index your website to show to the world. The website design will evolve. We provide one year support so any changes that you want can be done. 


Want to look at our templates?

Too much to load to this website and we are constantly looking for new trendy ones. Contact us with your requirements. We'll assess and suggest a few templates for you.

You already have a design?

Let us know and we can develop it. We help designers to develop the websites for their clients.